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  Rodentia · Cricetidae · Peromyscus guatemalensis
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Peromyscus guatemalensis

Guatemalan Deermouse

Order: Rodentia
Family: Cricetidae


Conservation Status: Least Concern.

Guatemalan Deermice are large: the smallest Guatemalan Deermouse and the largest Naked-eared Deermouse are about the same weight. Guatemalan Deermice have long, dark, thick, slightly woolly fur and dramatic black eye rings that can make them look they are wearing glasses. They live at mid to high elevations in the Sierra Madre Mountains and are common in undisturbed oak forests, but absent where there has been logging. They are usually found on the ground but sometimes can be seen on low branches.

Range: Head and Body: 124-139 mm; Tail: 125-154 mm

Range: 40-68 g


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Distribution of Peromyscus guatemalensis