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  Cetacea · Delphinidae · Delphinus capensis

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Delphinus capensis

Long-beaked Common Dolphin

Order: Cetacea
Family: Delphinidae

Image of Delphinus capensis
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Conservation Status: Data Deficient.

Several thousand Long-beaked Common Dolphins sometimes swim together, although the average size of a school is closer to 200 individuals. This species lives close to shore in tropical and temperate waters. In the eastern Pacific, they have been recorded from California south to Peru, and in the western Atlantic, from Venezuela to Argentina. The dolphins feed mainly at night, deep underwater, on fish and squid. Calves are usually born in the spring or summer, after a gestation period that is probably about 10 or 11 months. Much remains to be learned about this species.

Also known as:
Common Dolphin, Long-beaked Saddleback Dolphin

Sexual Dimorphism:
Males are 5% larger than females.

Range: 2-2.5 m males; 1.9-2.2 m females

Range: 135 kg


Gray, J. E. 1828. Spicilegia zoological; or original figures and short systematic descriptions of new and unfigured animals. London, 1:1-2[tab.2].


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Distribution of Delphinus capensis

Image of Delphinus capensis
Click to enlarge. (16kb)