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  Chiroptera · Vespertilionidae · Myotis elegans
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Myotis elegans

Elegant Myotis

Order: Chiroptera
Family: Vespertilionidae


Conservation Status: Least Concern.

The Elegant Myotis is very small, weighing no more than a typical plastic credit card. It is colorful, which might explain its name, and it has a mustache - an elegant mustache? Its face is pinkish brown, its narrow, pointed ears are gray-brown, and its fur can be reddish-brown or orange. It inhabits lowland forests and is active soon after sunset, but its habits are poorly known. These bats are most often caught in mist nets that are stretched over water, or in harp traps. Harp traps have vertical strings, like the musical instrument’s, above a canvas bag. Bats that blunder into the strings drop into the bag, without suffering damage to themselves. Scientists can lift them out to study them more easily than they can disentangle bats from mist nets.

Range: Head and Body: 39-49 mm; Tail: 27-35 mm

Range: 3-5 g


Hall, 1962. The University of Kansas Museum of Natural History, Miscellaneous Publications, 14:163-164.


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