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  Chiroptera · Phyllostomidae · Vampyrodes caraccioli
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Vampyrodes caraccioli

Great Stripe-faced Bat

Order: Chiroptera
Family: Phyllostomidae


Conservation Status: Least Concern.

These fairly large brown bats with prominent face stripes are seldom seen, and little is known about their lifestyle. They roost in jungle foliage and carry their favorite food, figs, to sheltered roosts in palm fronds to eat. The purpose of their face stripes - whether they help the bats, and if so, how - is unknown.

Range: Head and Body: 77-89 mm

Range: 30-47 g


Thomas, O., 1889. Annals and Magazine of Natural History, ser. 6, 4:167.


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Distribution of Vampyrodes caraccioli