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  Chiroptera · Mormoopidae · Pteronotus personatus
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Pteronotus personatus

Wagner's Mustached Bat

Order: Chiroptera
Family: Mormoopidae


Conservation Status: Least Concern.

Very little is known about this tiny bat. It has been found roosting in humid caves with other bats in the Family Mormoopidae. Like them, it has long, narrow wings and feeds on insects it catches in flight. Like all insectivorous bats, it uses echolocation to navigate and find food. It makes sounds with its larynx (voice box). The sound waves it sends out hit objects; echoes bounce back to its ears; the bat uses these signals to simultaneously avoid obstacles and pinpoint the location of a nice juicy insect.

Range: Head and Body: 43-55 mm; Tail: 15-20 mm

Range: 5-10 g


Wagner, 1843. Archiv für Naturgeschicthe, 9(1):367.


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