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  Chiroptera · Mormoopidae · Pteronotus parnellii
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Pteronotus parnellii

Common Mustached Bat

Order: Chiroptera
Family: Mormoopidae


Conservation Status: Least Concern.

Common Mustached Bats start hunting at sunset and may fly several kilometers to a feeding site where insects are plentiful. The bats stay airborne for five to seven hours before they return to their day roost in a cave or mine, and may resume their search for beetles, moths, and other insects shortly before dawn if they are still hungry. Their wings are long and they are fast, straight flyers. They are common in both humid and dry lowland forests and are also found at somewhat higher elevations.

Births occur in May. The newborn bats are helpless; their eyes are closed and they have no fur. They nurse for about two months. As adults, they have perky, pointed ears, thick lips, and a small fold of skin called a chin leaf below the lower lip. The “mustache” is a tuft of long hairs on each side of the muzzle.

Range: Head and Body: 58-70 mm; Tail: 18-25 mm

Range: 12-26 g


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