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  Chiroptera · Molossidae · Molossus coibensis
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Molossus coibensis

Coiban Mastiff Bat

Order: Chiroptera
Family: Molossidae


Conservation Status: Least Concern.

Coiban Mastiff Bats are locally common on some parts of the Pacific Slope from Chiapas, Mexico, to Panama, where they inhabit dry deciduous and semi-deciduous forests. They are also found in towns, where roofs make good roosting places. It can get very hot in the daytime under corrugated roofs, and they seem to tolerate high temperatures well. They prey on beetles and other flying insects.

Range: Head and Body: 50-95 mm; Tail: 20-70 mm

Range: Usually 10-30 g


Allen, J.A, 1904. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, 20:227.


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