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  Chiroptera · Molossidae · Eumops hansae
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Eumops hansae

Sanborn's Bonneted Bat

Order: Chiroptera
Family: Molossidae


Conservation Status: Least Concern.

This comparatively small blackish-brown bat flies in the upper levels of tropical forest canopies. Like others in its family, it is insectivorous. From time to time, an individual is caught in a mist net stretched over water, but not much is known about the lifestyle of this species. It is called “bonneted” because it looks like it is wearing a little hat: the edges of its ears meet on top of its head, and the ears themselves are long and wide. If held forward (by a human), they reach to the tip of the bat’s nose. The name of its genus, Eumops, is truly cross-cultural: “eu” is from the ancient Greek, meaning “good” or “true,” and “mops” is the Malayan word for bat.

Range: Head and Body: 61-75 mm; Tail: 24-39 mm

Range: 16-21 g


Sanborn, 1932. Journal of Mammalogy. 13:356.


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