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  Chiroptera · Molossidae · Cynomops mexicanus
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Cynomops mexicanus

Mexican Dog-faced Bat

Order: Chiroptera
Family: Molossidae


Conservation Status: Least Concern.

Mexican Dog-faced Bats have short, velvety fur, short, rounded ears that are not joined over the forehead, and broad snouts. Like all bats in the family Molossidae, their tails extend beyond the tail membrane, which is why the family is called ‘free-tailed’ bats. They have been found roosting in small groups in hollow branches and in buildings. They are thought to be rare because they are not often caught in mist nets, but this might be because they fly above the forest canopy when they are hunting for insect prey. Most of the individuals that have been netted have been caught near water, presumably because they flew down to drink. They are known to inhabit both evergreen and deciduous forests.

Range: Head and Body: 55-76 mm; Tail: 25-34 mm

Range: 11-29 g


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