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  Carnivora · Procyonidae · Procyon pygmaeus
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Procyon pygmaeus

Cozumel Raccoon

Order: Carnivora
Family: Procyonidae


Conservation Status: Critically Endangered. This species has a small population that is in decline.

Cozumel Raccoons weigh only about five pounds, about half the weight of the "masked bandits" familiar to urban, suburban, and rural dwellers throughout much of North and Central America. They are similar in everything but size to their larger cousins, and like them are omnivores, eating crabs, lizards, ants, fruit, and whatever other food items are available. They live only on Cozumel Island, among mangrove trees along the coast and also in inland forests. They face the usual threats: loss of habitat, poisoning, and hunting.

Range: Head and Body: 380-470 mm; Tail: 220-250 mm

Average: 2.2 kg


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