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  Soricomorpha · Soricidae · Notiosorex cockrumi
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Notiosorex cockrumi

Cockrum's Gray Shrew

Order: Soricomorpha
Family: Soricidae

Image of Notiosorex cockrumi
An illustration of Notiosorex crawfordi.  Notiosorex cockrumi is visibly indistinguishable from N. crawfordi and is found in the same type of habitat as N. crawfordi
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Conservation Status: Least Concern.

With developments in molecular biology, biologists have powerful new tools to determine the relatedness of specimens found at different locations. Studies of chromosomes and gene sequences have helped identify Cockrum's Gray Shrew and several other species as being distinct from Notiosorex crawfordi, even where their ranges appear to overlap.

Also known as:
Cockrum's Desert Shrew

Average: 84 mm

Average: 3.5 g


Baker, R.J., O'Neill, M.B., and McAliley, L.R.  2003.  A New Species of Desert Shrew, Notiosorex, Based on Nuclear and Mitochondrial Sequence Data, p. 2.  Occasional Papers, Museum of Texas Tech University, 222:1-12.


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Distribution of Notiosorex cockrumi