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  Carnivora · Canidae · Vulpes velox
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Vulpes velox

Swift Fox

Order: Carnivora
Family: Canidae

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Image of Vulpes velox
Vulpes velox - swift fox
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Conservation Status: Least Concern.

Swift foxes are primarily nocturnal, but can sometimes be seen sunning themselves near the entrance to a den. They live on prairie grasslands just east of the Rocky Mountains. Like other foxes, they face many dangers: coyotes prey on them, and they are susceptible to trapping, poisoning, and being hit by automobiles. Disease, den cave-ins, and starvation also cause mortality. Habitat destruction has greatly reduced their available habitat. In Canada, swift foxes are protected as an endangered species and attempts are being made to reintroduce them in the Canadian prairie provinces.

Also known as:
Northern Kit Fox, Prairie Kit Fox, Swift Kit Fox

Sexual Dimorphism:
Males are larger than females.

Range: 740-820 mm males; 680-750 mm females

Range: 1.4-3.0 kg


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Distribution of Vulpes velox

Image of Vulpes velox
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Skull of Vulpes velox
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