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  Soricomorpha · Soricidae · Sorex trowbridgii
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Sorex trowbridgii

Trowbridge's Shrew

Order: Soricomorpha
Family: Soricidae

Image of Sorex trowbridgii
Sorex trowbridgii - summer coat on the left (brown), winter coat on the right (gray)
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Conservation Status: Least Concern.

Trowbridge's Shrews are strong burrowers, particularly in deep, organic layers of soil, and are common where those burrowing condition are available, and where there is plenty of canopy and a low water table. They range through coastal British Columbia, western Washington and Oregon, and the coastal mountains of California as far south as Santa Barbara. They also occur in montane areas around the Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys, and along the western slope of the Sierra Nevada. They eat mollusks, worms, conifer seeds, fungi, insects, and arachnids. Plant material may comprise 60 percent of their diet. The dark gray fur is nearly uniform in color, though the feet are whitish, and the tail is bicolored.

Sexual Dimorphism:

Average: 113 mm
Range: 104-124 mm

Range: 3.8-5 g


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Distribution of Sorex trowbridgii

Image of Sorex trowbridgii
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