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  Soricomorpha · Soricidae · Sorex pacificus
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Sorex pacificus

Pacific Shrew

Order: Soricomorpha
Family: Soricidae

Image of Sorex pacificus
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Conservation Status: Least Concern.

An inhabitant of Oregon's moist streamsides, thickets, and woods, the Pacific Shrew does best in areas with brushy vegetation and fallen decaying logs. There it finds centipedes, slugs, and snails, insect larvae, amphibians, fungi, and some vegetation for food. This shrew can catch flying prey, which it locates by sound. As shrews go, this is a large one, with pale, reddish-brown fur.

Sexual Dimorphism:

Average: 143.1 mm
Range: 134-154 mm

Range: 10-18 g


Coues, E., 1877.  Precursory notes on American insectivorous mammals, with descriptions of new species, p. 650. Bulletin of the U.S. Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories, 3:631-653.


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