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  Soricomorpha · Soricidae · Sorex hoyi
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Sorex hoyi

American Pygmy Shrew

Order: Soricomorpha
Family: Soricidae

Image of Sorex hoyi
Sorex hoyi - summer
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Conservation Status: Least Concern.

The American Pygmy Shrew is able to thrive in a great variety of habitats and vegetation types. It can live where the environment is wet, dry, cold, or warm. This tiny animal exudes a strong musky-smelling substance. It is very agile and can jump as high as 110 mm. Its snout is long, with conspicuous whiskers, and is constantly in motion. American Pygmy Shrews have a variety of calls, including purrs, whispers, squeaks, and high-pitched whistling sounds. Snakes, hawks, cats, and foxes all prey on them, and they, in turn, prey on small arthropods and worms, and eat some plant matter.

Also known as:
Pygmy Shrew

Average: 98.2 mm
Range: 66-106 mm

Range: 2.1-7.3 g


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Distribution of Sorex hoyi

Image of Sorex hoyi
Sorex hoyi - winter
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