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  Rodentia · Cricetidae · Peromyscus gratus
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Peromyscus gratus

Saxicoline Deermouse

Order: Rodentia
Family: Cricetidae

Image of Peromyscus gratus
Peromyscus gratus - right (with P. nasutus)
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Conservation Status: Least Concern.

The Saxicoline Deermouse is a very close relative of the Pinyon Deermouse, but is larger, and its tail is longer than the head and body.The Saxicoline Deermouse lives in the mountains of southern New Mexico and throughout mountainous central Mexico. It lives in a wide variety of vegetation, but there are always rocks in its habitat where it can shelter, hide, and den. It is an expert climber, comfortable negotiating cracks and fissures in rocks.

Also known as:
Piñon Mouse, Osgood's Mouse

Sexual Dimorphism:

Average: 199 mm
Range: 171-231 mm

Average: 26.9 g
Range: 19-32.8 g


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