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  Rodentia · Cricetidae · Peromyscus pectoralis
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Peromyscus pectoralis

White-ankled Deermouse

Order: Rodentia
Family: Cricetidae

Image of Peromyscus pectoralis
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Conservation Status: Least Concern.

The White-ankled Deermouse is common in rocky areas in both dry and humid regions on the Central Plateau of Mexico and in west and central Texas, southern New Mexico, and Oklahoma. It clearly prefers rocky situations, whether it lives in forests or in brush-covered foothills. Many other Peromyscus mice share its range, as do woodrats, cotton rats, harvest mice, shrews, and squirrels.

Also known as:
Encinal Mouse,White-ankled Mouse

Sexual Dimorphism:

Range: 185-219 mm

Range: 24-39 g


Osgood, W.H., 1904.  Thirty new mice of the genus Peromyscus from Mexico and Guatemala, p. 59.  Proceedings of theBiological Society of Washington, 17:55-77.


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Distribution of Peromyscus pectoralis