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What Makes a Mammal?

Which of these animals should be invited to the mammal family reunion?

Arabian Oryx?
Yes! Let the oryx enter. It is warm-blooded and can maintain a stable body temperature.

Black-Tailed Jackrabbit?
Yes! The jackrabbit can come. It's long ears direct sounds to special earbones inside.

Galapagos Penguin?
No. The penguin does not produce it's own milk. Try the bird family reunion.

Diary Cattle?
Yes! The cattle belongs. Females nurse their calfs with milk that they produce.

Proboscis Monkey?
Yes! The monkey is in the right place. Known for its intelligence, it has a large, complex brain.

Gila Monster?
No. This lizard has scales, not hair. It belongs at the reptile family reunion.

American Mink?
Yes! The mink is definitely invited. It has luxurious hair that keeps it warm, even in cold water.

Tree Shrew?
Yes! The tree shrew has mades its appearance at the reunion.

Indian Rhinoceros?
Yes! The rhino has already arrived at the mammal family reunion.

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