Ask Our Featured Researcher

Ask Our Featured Researcher

Robert Hoffman

Senior Scientist, Mammalogist

Bob standing infront of an museum exhibit
Bob out in the field.
  • What activities did you do as a kid?

  • “I collected snakes and turtles at a nearby forest.”

    “I sold peanuts at the Brookfield Zoo and got to know all the animal keepers.”

    “My friend and I took the streetcar to the Field Museum in Chicago.”

  • What have you achieved as a scientist?

  • “I have observed hundreds of species in the field for the Smithsonian and other museums.”

    “I’ve written six books and more than 200 scientific papers and advised hundreds of students.”

    “I edit translations of Russian scientific papers.”

  • What is the biggest challenge for mammals in the 21st century?

  • “The biggest challenge for mammals in the 21st century is maintaining a high level of diversity. The fewer species that live within a habitat, the more vulnerable it is to crashing. With fewer species, our own lives might be harder to sustain.”

2006 Smithsonian Institution