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Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
Hall of Mammals

Photographs of the new Kenneth E. Behring Family Hall of Mammals

Overview of exhibit

Welcome to the Mammal Family Reunion!

Come meet your relatives.


The newly opened Kenneth E. Behring Family Hall of Mammals invites visitors to explore the incredible diversity of mammals, including humans, and the processes by which they arose and continue to adapt. Featuring 274 exciting taxidermied mounts and a dozen mammal fossils in a variety of environments—from polar to desert regions and from dry to humid environments—the exhibit tells the story of mammal evolution through adaptation to changing habitats. This message is reinforced throughout - “You are a mammal; meet your relatives, past and present; all mammals evolved from a common ancestor and share common characteristics; as the world changed, mammals became more diverse; come find out how.”

Located in the museum’s restored west wing, this permanent, 25,000-square-foot interactive hall sets a new standard for museum biology halls in both content and design, by combining a passionate and detailed commitment to scholarship with fresh interpretive approaches custom-designed to meet the needs of our primary visitor audience - Families. The new hall is set within a dramatic and well-lit space that has been fully restored to its original Beaux Arts architectural intent.

Click on the images below to see pictures from the exhibit.


Overhead shot of exhibit

Orientation wall


Leopard with Impala

South American Anteaters Red Kangaroos

Mother and baby White-tailed Deer

Polar bear