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What is iTunes U?

iTunes U is Apple’s free service for educational resources contributed by more than 800 universities, museums, libraries, and public radio and television.  NMNH is using this innovative platform to share resources that have not previously been made publically available, and to create collections of educational materials for focused topics, such as genomics, dinosaurs, and museum studies.

What can I find on NMNH’s iTunes U?

At launch (October 1, 2011) 170 videos and 14 audio tracks will be available from each research division at the Museum—Anthropology, Botany, Entomology, Mineral Sciences, Paleobiology, Zoology, and special collections created from exhibits and research programs, workshops, and lecture series. Expect the site to grow!

How do I get to NMNH on iTunes U?

Point your web browser to: If you do not already have iTunes installed on your computer, you will need to download and install the free iTunes software (once only) in order to access our content.

What does NMNH on iTunes U look like?

The image below is a screenshot of what the NMNH landing page on iTunes U looks like.

NMNH on iTunes U

Where else can I find NMNH's educational content?

Over 100 of our educational videos can also be found on our YouTube site at

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