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YES! Program Student

Smithsonian YES! (Youth Engagement through Science) students, 2012

Field Book Project educational materials free to use for educational purposes and not for commercial use.

Create Your Own Field Book Activity and Lesson Plan


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Additional Resources:

  • Advanced classroom technology for bird watching: eBird by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Audubon Society.
  • Search the USDA Plant Database by state to get an idea of what plants are found in your state. Check off the state you live in, leave the search box blank, and click enter to receive a list of plants in your state.

*Is your class participating in this activity? Tell us about it. Email us with the subject line "Create Your Own Field Books."

Using Photographs in Scientific Observation

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“Using Photographs in Scientific Observation” is designed to demonstrate the ways scientists utilize photography to document field observations.  Students learn to recognize and compare photographs as well as what characteristics a photograph must have to be a good source of observation information. 


What Can You Learn From a Fish Drawing?

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"What Can You Learn from a Fish Drawing?" can be used with the "Create Your Own Field Book Lesson Plan and Activity" above or on its own. This is a fun exercize designed to illustrate the ways scientists use sketches to augment their field notes and the types of information they record. Students will also have a chance to create their own field sketch.

Collectors in the Field Quiz

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