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Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga is made possible through the generous support of Smithsonian partners Nordic Council of Ministers and Volvo.
This exhibition is presented in partnership with the White House Council on the Millennium.

Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga

Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga

Logo Usage

Logo Download

Logo Usage - Application Rules and Procedures

  1. Groups and Organizations wishing to use the Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga exhibition logo must supply their request in writing for consideration by the Programming Task Force (herein after PTF). This body consists of representatives from each of the 5 Nordic embassies, representative(s) from the National Museum of Natural History (NMNH), Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM) as a representative from the major sponsors, and, if they so wish, Volvo. The representative from NMNH will act as chair and will be the final arbiter of decisions. The requests should be addressed to Counselor Ole Morten Orset (NCM) at the National Museum of Natural History, 10th and Constitution Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20560-0135. However, as NMNH has not granted sub-licensing rights, no decision regarding logo usage by any party will be made outside of the meeting of the PTF.

  2. The PTF will keep in mind the appropriateness of the request in light of the following:

    1. The timing and host city of the event. It is preferable that events coincide with the exhibition tour schedule. Events which take place at the museum itself are encouraged.
    2. The educational objectives of the exhibit, which are
      1. to increase public awareness of the historic spread of the Vikings across the North Atlantic from 800 to 1000 A.D. and its environmental impact.
      2. to demonstrate the material culture of the Vikings.
      3. to demystify the Vikings, especially the current Viking stereotype.
      4. to celebrate the 1000 year anniversary of Leif Eriksson in North America.
      5. to illustrate the complexities of understanding the past, so that no one source of information (i.e.: the sagas) are taken as single, unquestioned authorities.
    3. The uniqueness of the event. The programming should be specially suited to complement the exhibit.

  3. There are four levels of logo usage.

    1. The language Partner in Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga. This category is reserved for full partners who are either providing significant resources to the project, or in-kind services, materials, or products directly relevant to the exhibition and its themes. To date, the partners include the Nordic Council of Ministers, Smithsonian, and Volvo. It is possible that additional funders, media partners, service, or equipment providers will be identified.
    2. The language Sponsored by Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga. This category would include programming directly relevant to the themes of the exhibition and endorsed by the exhibition partners. It also could be programs that receive direct support from the exhibition partners and/or are commissioned by the project.
    3. The language Affiliated with Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga. The category would include programming of importance to Nordic-American audiences, inspired by Viking heritage, important to the originating Nordic culture, and/or linking contemporary Nordic life with their historic Viking heritage. These events might include concerts, dance performances, lectures, films and other cultural events of importance to Nordic cultural heritage, but not necessarily directly related to the themes or content of the exhibition.
    4. The language A Product of Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga will be used on products which pass the approval process of the PTF and are sold in close association with the exhibition itself. All such products are subject to the reasonable advance approval of NMNH/SI and require the development of contractual language with Smithsonian.

  4. To the extent that there will be a transfer of rights, the creation of obligations, transfers of funds, and/or the creation of licensed products, a separate contract must be negotiated with the appropriate Smithsonian Office. The rules herein do not constitute such a contract.

  5. The following rules will apply to the use of the Exhibition Logo.

    1. The Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History shall retain all final authority over the use of the Logo. NMNH shall retain the rights over the Logo.
    2. The authority to use the Vikings logo is limited to:
      1. The Smithsonian, The Nordic Council of Ministers and Volvo
      2. Entities and projects approved by the PTF to use the logo.
    3. The Vikings logo may not be used by any other individual or entity for any purpose without the authorization of the PTF.
    4. The Logo may be used without usage fees in any and all published material, audio and video media, print and television advertisements, television programming, educational media products, and free promotional items which are approved by PTF. All such products are subject to the reasonable advance approval of Smithsonian.
    5. Use of the logo on items that are sold for profit in association with approved events are subject to the reasonable advance approval of Smithsonian, and may incur usage fees. This includes T-shirts, tote bags, posters, and toys.
    6. Those individuals or entities approved for use of the Vikings logo may not use the Vikings logo in connection with any efforts to raise funds unless the use of the Vikings logo in such fundraising efforts is approved by the Council.

  6. These guidelines are subject to periodic modification and updates without notice by the PTF.

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