Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Celebrating 100 Years

Photographs from the Celebrating 100 Years Photographic Exhibition

Giant fossil sloths, microscopic pollens in amber, fragile pottery sherds, and ancient meteorites—for 100 years the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History has provided a home for objects like these, along with the curators, research labs, storage areas, and exhibitions necessary to study and display them.

Since our doors first opened in 1910, the Museum has inspired curiosity and learning about the natural world and our place in it. Building upon our extensive collections, we have been at the forefront of scientific exploration and research, as well as groundbreaking public exhibitions and education.

Visitors to this temporary photographic exhibition opening May 29, 2010 can explore the Museum's history through documentary photographs of important milestones—from laying the cornerstone for the building to modern DNA and genomic research. The photographs capture the incredible diversity of science research and education at the Museum.

Explore our history and share your voice in contributing to our vision for the century ahead as we help solve the problems of global warming, habitat loss, and changing societies.

This photographic exhibition is made possible by The Windland Smith Rice Nature’s Best Photography Fund.

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