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Deep Sea Crab

Deeper than LIght

Location: The Sant Ocean Hall Changing Exhibit Gallery
Exhibit: February 20th - May 23rd, 2010


Curiosity drives marine scientists to study the vast, unexplored realms of the ocean basins—an environment that forms a major portion of earth’s biosphere. Through specimens, photography, art, models, and multimedia, Deeper than Light explores the mysterious and fascinating deep sea world these scientists discover. Visitors will meet some of the unusual creatures living in the dark ocean depths and learn about discoveries from deep sea expeditions conducted along the mid-Atlantic Ridge.

Going to Sea

Going to Sea

Location: The Sant Ocean Hall Changing Exhibit Gallery
Exhibit: September 2008 - September 2009


What compels us to go to sea? Some would say adventure, recreation, or even inspiration. But for many cultures, the ocean is a necessity—an essential resource that provides both jobs and food. Going to Sea, the debut exhibit in the Sant Ocean Hall's changing exhibit gallery, explores how and why people venture into the sea. The exhibit contrasts early ocean exploration and navigation techniques with the cutting edge modern science, and examines the connections between human culture and the sea including literature, art, and mythology.

photo from Ocean Views

Nature's Best: Ocean Views

Exhibit: June 11 – October 26, 2008


The ocean is the very essence of life. All life depends on it, we enjoy it, yet we often understand little about this vast and important environment. Ocean Views is a dramatic photographic exhibit that will give visitors new insights into ocean life and motivate them to celebrate, embrace, and protect this fragile world. 






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