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The Ocean in the Headlines: Selected Press Coverage

With all the threats facing our seas, ocean conservation has been making the news a lot lately. Here are some recommended in-depth articles, series, and compilations recently published in the national media.

Empty Oceans – This comprehensive series from the Christian Science Monitor examines the state of the world's fisheries, their problems, and some possible solutions. From Alaska to New England, explore the interactions between new technology, traditional fishing communities, and ecosystems through stories, videos, and interactive graphics.

Sea of Trash – Follow New York Times Magazine reporter, Donovan Hohn, deep into the world of marine debris. Find out how a flip-flop, a microwave, and a detergent bottle all ended up among the thousands of pounds of trash on the remote, uninhabited shores of Gore Point, Alaska. Then read about how other inaccessible marine and coastal areas are being besieged with garbage.

Science and Space: Marine Habitats – Get the basics on the wild variety of ocean ecosystems and read recent coverage of ocean conservation issues from National Geographic.

Also check out National Geographic's photo galleries of the ocean, including collections on pollution, overfishing, coral reefs, kelp gardens, and other marine-related topics.

Longer Ocean Reads: Selected Conservation Books
Hooked on ocean conservation and want to learn even more? Head to your local library for these recommended books by some of the world's top ocean scientists and conservationists.

The Sea Around Us by Rachel Carson

The Silent World by Jacques Cousteau

Smithsonian Ocean: Our Water, Our World by Deborah Cramer

Sea Change: A Message of the Oceans by Sylvia Earle

The Empty Ocean by Richard Ellis

Heal the Ocean: Solutions for Saving the Seas by Ray Fujita

Defying Ocean’s End: An Agenda for Action edited by Linda K. Glover and Sylvia Earle

50 Ways to Save the Ocean by David Helvarg

Blue Frontier by David Helvarg

Cod by Mark Kurlansky

Killer Algae by Alexandre Meinescz

Sea of Slaughter by Farley Mowat

In a Perfect Ocean by Daniel Pauly

The Unnatural History of the Sea by Callum Roberts

Song for the Blue Ocean by Carl Safina

Eye of the Albatross by Carl Safina

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