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mother and child
Family enjoying an exhibit. Image courtesy: Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

The Ocean is a global system essential to all life – including yours!

Yes – that means you! It might be hard to believe at first, but the Ocean touches our lives in so many ways, from controlling our climate and weather to providing us with valuable food to inspiring awe at nature’s beauty.

But what does it really mean to be connected to the Ocean? Visit the Sant Ocean Hall or any of our online resources to find out!


Ocean Friend Challenge
What does it mean to be a good friend? How about a good friend to the Ocean? Find out more about the threats to the Ocean’s health and how you can use your connection to the Ocean to help preserve it for future generations. 

Family Guide
The Ocean is a big place – and so is the Sant Ocean Hall! You can use this guide to visit the exhibit’s highlights and find out more about how the Ocean affects your life. The Guide is designed to provide fun and engaging questions for families to talk about when they visit the Hall. Using the Guide is also a great way to become an Ocean Friend.

Coral Reef Interactive
Would you know what to tell someone about how human activity affects the Ocean? This web-based game will help you to figure out how humans and coral reefs depend on each other and why coral reefs are important to us all. You can play the role of a resident, a hotel manager, or a tourist in an island community to figure out the different ways we can affect the valuable and diverse Coral Reefs.

Event Calendar
We’re planning lots of fun events, from a sea chanteys sing-a-long to panel discussions with the Sant Ocean Hall curators. Come join us!

Learn More about the Ocean
If you’re thirsty for even more information about the Ocean and Ocean Science at the Smithsonian, then this is the place for you. Find out the stories behind the objects in the Sant Ocean Hall, what questions Smithsonian scientists ask about the Ocean, and more.


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