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View from the entrance of the Sant Ocean Hall

View from the entrance of the Sant Ocean Hall.
Image courtesy of Chip Clark

The ocean is a global system essential to all life-including yours!


The Sant Ocean Hall educates and inspires visitors of all ages about Earth’s ocean.  This exhibition represents the largest renovation in the Museum’s 100-year history.

By visiting the ocean hall, you can explore the ocean from the sunlit surface to the darkest depths, from prehistory to today, and from the smallest microorganisms to the biggest animals ever known.  Throughout the Hall are exhibits and modules that provide rich educational experiences, including interactives for individual exploration, and areas for self-led and expert-led group lessons.

The ocean is a huge, awesome realm - sometimes mysterious but always amazing. Despite its importance, the ocean remains largely unexplored. Come and dive in. Discover the ocean with us in our new ocean hall!





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