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In anticipation of the new Sant Ocean Hall opening on September 27, see the ocean as you have never seen it before, and meet the filmmakers who made possible the new IMAX film, Deep Sea 3-D.

Become immersed in an underwater adventure that transports audiences deep below the ocean's surface in various locations around the globe. Marvel at up-close encounters with some of the most exotic creatures on the planet, from the bizarre rainbow nudibranch to the giant Pacific octopus. The film's colorful cast of characters live out their lives entering into relationships - some predatory, some symbiotic - that underscore interdependency as a key to their survival.

Deep Sea, which is suitable for all ages, is narrated by Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet, with a score by composer Danny Elfman. Filmmaker, producer, and writer Toni Myers is on hand to provide insights and to take questions from the audience.

This film will open to the public on Friday, September 26.














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