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We depend on the ocean. Everything from food and jobs to climate control and even spiritual nourishment comes from the sea. Yet human activities have put marine ecosystems at great risk, and easy solutions to these complex problems rarely exist. The Sant Ocean Hall explores some of these critical human connections. 

What can you do to help ensure the ocean’s health?

Industrial pollution photograph. Image courtesy: Miguel A. Lopes


Calculate your carbon footprint, and consider how to reduce it. Visit the National Academy of Sciences' Koshland Science Museum web site to learn more. Go to:  

Sablefish photograph. Chip Clark, Smithsonian Institution
Image courtesy: Chip Clark, Smithsonian Institution


Take the helm at the Managing Marine Fisheries interactive program in the Sant Ocean Hall and explore the options a manager might use to maintain a sustainable marine fishery.

Find out how to choose only healthy, sustainable seafood such as this sablefish at

human connections handprint


Explore prespectives on climate change with our Confronting Climate Change Video, or the opinions of a community on managing fisheries with our Managing Marine Fisheries Video!

Look for the “Human Connections” icon throughout the Sant Ocean Hall and learn more about humans’ impact and dependence on the ocean.


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