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Tropical Reef and
Emperor Angelfish (Pomacanthus imperator)

Tropical Reef and Emperor Angelfish (Pomacanthus imperator) by Douglas David Seifert

Black and Silver Reef, Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea
by Douglas David Seifert, Jupiter, Florida, USA

“Papua New Guinea has some of the richest, most biologically diverse reefs that remain in the
world. Milne Bay, in particular, is home to great varieties of hard and soft corals, exquisite and
colorful reef fish, and fascinating invertebrates. Black and Silver Reef rests a few miles from the
shore in 160 feet of water; its pinnacle nearly reaches the surface. Its lush growth of black
coral trees, sponges, and gorgonians provide an incredibly beautiful and diverse habitat for
a vast number of fish.”

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