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Mandarin duck by Russ Burden

Grizzly Bear Sow (Ursus arctos horribilis), Katmai, Alaska, USA
John Morrow, Glen Echo, Maryland, USA


A photograph of nature represents a single moment in the ever-changing web of life. It is a brief and irreplaceable record that brings immediate and long-lasting impact to both the image maker and the image viewer. There is a very personal connection between the two, a celebration of creative talent and discovery that crosses boundaries of language and culture to inspire a deep appreciation for the natural world and our place in it.

It was with this in mind that the annual Nature’s Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards competition was born. Now, more than a decade since the program was first announced, hundreds of thousands of images have been entered by photographers at all levels of experience and from all parts of the globe. It has truly become a prestigious, international annual event for public participation. Each image displayed in this exhibition was selected for its excellence in use of light, subject, and composition.

Dedicated in memory of the accomplished nature photographer and determined conservation advocate, Windland Smith Rice, the Awards program seeks to build upon her legacy in engaging the public through the art of photography and to use this creative and educational medium to rekindle a passion for outdoor enjoyment, knowledge, and stewardship.

Share your favorite outdoor moments; tell us your story. Your photograph may be selected for the 2009 Awards exhibition. 

About Windland Smith Rice

indland Rice Smith

This exhibition has been named in memory of Windland Smith Rice for her unyielding support of emerging photographers worldwide. Windland's love for nature and photography was second only to her love for people and her legacy will fuel the passion of these artists for generations to come.



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