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Plant Life Winner

Nature's Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards


Nantahala National Forest, North Carolina, USA

by Lori Kincaid

Hot Springs, North Carolina, USA

“I often backpack to a place before photographing it, to get a sense of when and where the best light will occur. The evening before this image was taken, I explored the paths meandering across the granite dome and discovered this perfect garden. I wanted to capture an image that would evoke a feeling of enchantment. The next morning, when I realized the sun would rise precisely at the visual end of one of the paths, I knew I’d found my shot.

“To create the starburst, I needed a small aperture, which afforded great depth of field for sharpness throughout the image but required a very slow shutter speed for the proper exposure. To keep the grasses in the foreground from blurring there could be no wind, yet I had to be ready to take the shot at the moment the sun was in the proper position. I was able to make just one exposure before a slight breeze disturbed the tranquil scene.”

Photography has long been a hobby for Kincaid, but it was only after she and her husband moved to the mountains that it grew into a true passion. She became captivated by the ever-changing beauty and diversity of nature and sought to capture it on film. Kincaid currently works as an environmental engineer, but is transitioning into being a full-time professional photographer.

Shen Hao 4x5 camera; 90mm lens with 81A warming filter; 30 secs at f/45; Fujichrome Velvia 50; tripod.

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