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Giant Kelp


Oceans Highly Honored

Nature's Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards


Bird Rock at Two Harbors,

Catalina Island, California, USA

by Bruce P. Hall

Hillsboro, Oregon, USA

“I love diving the kelp forests off the California coast, and this photograph

of a tiny section of Macrocystis pyrifera exemplifies the extraordinary features

of this sea plant. The gas-filled bulbs buoy these massive plants as the blades undulate in the current to absorb light for photosynthesis. Remarkably, kelp can grow a foot or more a day, often reaching heights greater than 100 feet.

“I have been legally blind since birth with less than 10% normal sight. Macro photography allows me to see a world that is usually just a blurry impression.”

Nikonos V; 28mm with 1:1 extension tube; settings unrecorded; Kodak Kodachrome 64; two Ikelite strobes. Gitzo tripod.

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