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Award winning photographer, Frederico Veronesi, with camera gear in the field

Part adventurer, part artist, and part engineer, nature photographers travel the globe to document the beauty and mystery of its farthest reaches. The images they bring home help to broaden our awareness and appreciation of the natural world.

The Windland Smith Rice International Awards exhibition was created to recognize this public dedication to nature through the art of photography. Today, advances in digital image capture and printing technologies have revolutionalized the art and science of photography, giving more creative control to the photographer and allowing them to use higher quality, faster, and more widely accessible ways of sharing their work with the public.

Large format Epson printer producing an award winning photographic printThis photographic journey from the wild to the walls of the Smithsonian begins the instant the camera shutter is pressed. As it travels from the field to the lifelike prints of this exhibition, the diversity of the natural world is revealed, celebrated, and now a part of history.

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Collectors Edition

2011 Nature's Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards Collectors Edition Cover

Purchase the 2011 Nature's Best Photography Awards Collectors Edition in the museum shop or online at the Nature's Best website and explore the award winning images featured in the exhibit, as well as many additional winning images.

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Learn more about the animals and plants featured in this exhibit. Visit the Encyclopedia of Life website's online collection.

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Nature's Best Photography Windlad Smith Rice International Awards

The 2012 competition is now accepting submisions

Think you've got what it takes? Enter your photos in this year's competition.

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