Twister, By Clark Little, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii, USA


North Shore, Oahu,
Hawaii, USA
By Clark Little
North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii, USA

Clark Little

Photographer Clark Little positions himself underwater and in front of a wave, seconds before it hits, to capture this unique perspective. The breaking wave is just a few feet in front of the lens. Beyond the wave is the deep ocean. The beach is behind the photographer. The lip of the wave has pushed out toward the photographer and created a large, hollow air pocket called a “tube,” seen running the length of the photo parallel to the sand bottom. The wave continues to move forward, and the tube is forced to spin and follow the wave's momentum.

“A half-second after this shot was made, the wave hit me straight on, knocking the camera out of my hand and pulling me into the spinning mass of air and water. I enjoy the power and beauty of the thick bombs that roll through and can usually capture some of those moments without getting slammed.” —CL

Nikon D3; 10.5mm fisheye lens; 1/1000 sec at ƒ/8; ISO 200; custom UW fiberglass housing by Taro Pascual at White Water Hawaii; hand-held.