Mile High Wildlife Photography Club, Denver, Colorado, USA

Mile High Wildlife Photography Club

Denver, Colorado, USA

The Mile High Wildlife Photography Club is based in Parker, Colorado, just outside of Denver. Founded in 1981 to provide its first 12 members an opportunity to learn more about wildlife and scenic photography, the club has grown to more than 100 photographers. As winner of the Camera Club category for a second time, MHWPC demonstrates diverse photo skills and a commitment to excellence. These images represent the many talented professional and amateur club members.

Russ Burden

Left column, from top:
Russ Burden, Robins, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA;
Nikon D300; 200-400mm lens at 400mm; 1/200 sec at ƒ/16; ISO 400; Nikon SB 24 flash (2); Induro C313 tripod; Wimberley head.

Donna Carr

Donna Carr, Sea Lion, Galápagos Islands, Ecuador;
Canon EOS-1D Mark III; 70-200mm IS lens at 200mm; 1/1250 sec at ƒ/11; ISO 400; hand-held.

Jan Forseth

Jan Forseth, Bighorn Sheep, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada;
Canon EOS-1D Mark III; 70-200mm IS lens at 200mm; 1/1250 sec at ƒ/11; ISO 400; hand-held.

Fi Rust

Middle column, from top:
Fi Rust, Brown Bear, Katmai National Park, AK, USA;
Canon EOS-1D Mark II; 500mm IS lens; 2x teleconverter; 1/160 sec at ƒ/9; ISO 400; Gitzo tripod; Wimberley Sidekick.

Rob Palmer

Rob Palmer, Coyote and Vole, Yellowstone National Park, WY, USA;
Canon EOS 40D; 300mm ƒ/2.8 L lens; 1/1000 sec at ƒ/8; ISO 400; Kinesis beanbag.

Ron Eberhart

Right column, from top:
Ron Eberhart, Redwood Trees, Redwood National Park, CA, USA;
Sony A-900; Minolta 80-200mm G lens at 90mm; 4 sec at ƒ/22; ISO 200; tripod.

Chris Loffredo

Chris Loffredo, Polar Bears, Wapusk National Park, Manitoba, Canada;
Canon EOS 7D; 100-400mm IS lens at 170mm; 1/180 sec at ƒ/11; ISO 400; beanbag.

Reb Babcock

Reb Babcock, Aspen Leaves, Cottonwood Canyon, Buena Vista, CO, USA;
Canon 40D; Sigma 50-500mm lens at 313mm; 1/60 sec at ƒ/8; ISO 400; Gitzo tripod; Arca-Swiss Monoball head.

Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III; 500mm ƒ/4 IS lens; 1/640 sec at ƒ/5.6; ISO 1600; Gitzo tripod and leveling head; Arca-Swiss B1 ballhead; Wimberley sidekick.