Land Crab, By Cristina Mittermeier, Washington, DC, USA

Land Crab

Madagapotamon humberti

Ambodihavibe, Madagascar
By Cristina Mittermeier
Washington, DC, USA

This crab, “showing his might” with claws upraised, symbolizes the fight for the survival of vulnerable species. These land crabs inhabit the Ambodihavibe region of northern Madagascar—the site of a major marine protected area established with the help of Conservation International.

“My goal as a conservation photographer is to make images that are compelling enough to become iconic representations for a world that is fast disappearing. Supporting my fellow photographers and the ongoing initiatives of the International League of Conservation Photographers is truly rewarding. My life’s mission is to help build a better planet.” —CM

Sony A900; focal length 16mm; 1/500 sec at ƒ/9.0; ISO 250.

Nature's Best Photography's Conservation Photographer of the Year Award recognizes a special individual who has used his or her skills as a photographer to implement meaningful and measurable conservation efforts that help inspire and educate the public about environmental concerns.

Cristina MittermeierCristina Mittermeier is driven by a strong passion for the environment and the importance of preserving biodiversity worldwide. Her work to discover, document, and communicate through the power of photography has led Mittermeier to create one of the most effective photography initiatives in the history of conservation—the International League of Conservation Photographers.