Yellow pitcher plant (Sarracenia flava)

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Illustration of Sarracenia flava by Joan Lavigueur Geyer

Species: Sarracenia flava
Common Name: Yellow pitcher plant
Status: CITES Appendix II; Extremely Rare,
Range: Southeastern United States

Map of United States illustrating the range of Sarracenia flava

Artist: Joan Lavigueur Geyer
Artist Home Country: United States
Medium: Watercolor

Insects are the main diet of pitcher plants, captured in the hairy throat of the pitcher, to be digested in the liquid at its base. The yellow pitcher plant grows in nutrient-poor conditions on continuously wet bogs and in wetlands.

A specimen of Yellow pitcher plant (Sarracenia flava) from the museum's herbarium collection:

National Herbarium preserved specimen of Sarracenia flava