Green ixia (Ixia viridiflora)

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Illustration of Ixia viridiflora by Jean Emmons

Species: Ixia viridiflora
Common Name: Green ixia
Status: Endangered, National Red List of
South African Plants
Range: South Africa

Map of Africa illustrating the range of Ixia viridiflora

Artist: Jean Emmons
Artist Home Country: United States
Medium: Watercolor on vellum

One of the most unusually colored flowers
in nature, the green ixia is vanishing from its
rocky windswept home in Western Cape,
South Africa. As more of its habitat has
been converted to agriculture, it has been
upgraded from vulnerable to endangered.

A specimen of Green ixia (Ixia viridiflora) from the museum's herbarium collection:

National Herbarium preserved specimen of Ixia viridiflora