Moss (Itatiella ulei)

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Illustration of Itatiella ulei by Maria Alice deRezende

Species: Itatiella ulei
Common Name: Moss
Status: Critically Endangered, List of
Endangered Flora of the State of Minas
Gerais, Brazil
Range: Brazil

Map of South America illustrating the range of Itatiella ulei

Artist: Maria Alice deRezende
Artist Home Country: Brazil
Medium: Watercolor and Graphite

The remaining Brazilian Atlantic rainforests
contain more than 300 species of mosses.
Itatiella ulei is found in upper montane forests
above 5,000 feet in elevation. This painting is
an enlargement of the tiny moss named for
the Serra de Itatiaia region in which it grows.

A specimen of Moss (Itatiella ulei) from the museum's herbarium collection:

National Herbarium preserved specimen of Carex pseudocyperus