Bowl flower (Cypripedium japonicum)

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Illustration of Cypripedium japonicum by Jee-Yeon Koo

Species: Cypripedium japonicum
Common Name: Bowl flower
Status: CITES Appendix II
Range: China, Japan, and Korea

Map of east Asia illustrating the range of Cypripedium japonicum

Artist: Jee-Yeon Koo
Artist Home Country: Korea
Medium: Watercolor

The Korean government has designated some
protected habitats for this slipper orchid, as
there are only 200 individuals remaining in
the wild in that country. Described in 1784,
it is also found in China and Japan.

A specimen of Bowl flower (Cypripedium japonicum) from the museum's herbarium collection:

National Herbarium preserved specimen of Cypripedium japonicum