Cyperus-like sedge (Carex pseudocyperus)

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Illustration of Carex pseudocyperus by Betsy Rogers-Knox

Species: Carex pseudocyperus
Common Name: Cyperus-like sedge
Status:Endangered, Connecticut, Indiana,
New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania
Range: Northeastern North America

Map of North America illustrating the range of Carex pseudocyperus

Artist: Betsy Rogers-Knox
Artist Home Country: United States
Medium: Watercolor

Thriving where there are seasonal variations in water levels, this sedge ranges throughout northeastern North America, and is endangered along the southern end of its range. The artist observed this plant throughout the year and captured its habitat in her artwork.

A specimen of Cyperus-like sedge (Carex pseudocyperus) from the museum's herbarium collection:

National Herbarium preserved specimen of Carex pseudocyperus