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Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
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This exhibition is made possible by

Embassy of Iceland, Washington, DC

In collaboration with

Feo Pitcairn Fine Art

Photographer Feodor Pitcairn and writer Ari Trausti Guðmundsson

Photographer Feodor Pitcairn and writer Ari Trausti Guðmundsson

Feodor Pitcairn

Feodor Pitcairn is a born naturalist, whose talents as an award-winning photographer and cinematographer bring us the wisdom and beauty of nature's most wild environments. Feodor travels to wildernesses worldwide to capture their unique magnificence and share the stories of our relationship with the Earth and its ecosystems. His hope is that these pure accounts stir the human spirit and connect people with a world in need of their understanding and action.

Ari Trausti Guðmundsson

Ari Trausti Guðmundsson is a renowned Icelandic geophysicist, poet, and author. He is a lecturer, documentarian, broadcaster, Explorers Club member, and writer in the fields of geology, volcanology, astronomy, environmental science, and mountaineering. Ari Trausti also writes novels and Laxness Literary Prize-winning short stories.

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