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Photograph of a Benthoctopus

A deepwater octopod, the Benthoctopus

Photo from Deeper Than Light, David Shale/MAR-ECO


Exploring the Unknown through Science, Technology and Art

Neolithodes sp belongs to the crab family.
Photo by Anne Aspen

Curiosity drives marine scientists to study the vast, unexplored realms of the ocean basins—an environment that forms a major portion of earth’s biosphere. Deeper than Light explores the mysterious and fascinating deep sea world these scientists discover. Visitors will meet some of the unusual creatures living in the dark ocean depths and learn about discoveries from deep sea expeditions conducted along the mid-Atlantic Ridge.

Through specimens, photography, art, models, and multimedia, Deeper Than Light documents the two-month expedition of the Norwegian research vessel G.O. Sars to explore the marine life of the northern Atlantic Ocean in 2004. Onboard, a team of international scientists, students, and artists document their amazing journey, observing a wide range of organisms and their habitats and assembling a vast dataset and collection of biological samples.

Art from the Deeper than Light exhibition
by Norwegian artist Ørnulf Opdahl

Norwegian painter Ørnulf Opdahl, photographer David Shale, and artist Thorolf Rasmussen captured their impressions of the deep sea in the paintings, photographs, and drawings in Deeper Than Light.

This international traveling exhibition has been produced by the Bergen Museum in Norway and the international research project MAR-ECO, part of the Census of Marine Life (CoML) global initiative.

Meet Smithsonian cephalopod biologist, Michael Veccione, and learn more about the amazing creatures living in the deep sea.

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