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RAs, Students, Post-docs, and Interns


Postdoctoral Research Advisor:
Christy McCain (Jan-Oct 2007, with Felisa Smith and Morgan Ernest)
Marcus Hamilton (June 2009 – present, with Felisa Smith and Morgan Ernest)

Intern Advisor:
Kate Dzikiewicz ( September 2009 – July 2010 with Mathew Carrano)

Anikó Tóth (May 2011-September 2011, August 2012 – present) with Kay Behrensmeyer)
Janet Burke (May 2013-August 2013) with Kay Behrensmeyer

Undergraduate Research Advisor:
Helen Watson – Extinction risk in songbirds (Fall 2006)
Sarah Johnson – Feeding behavior and echolocation in dolphins (Fall 2006), Life history traits and body size evolution in mammals (Spring 2007)
Kathryn Ripley – Echolocation in dolphins and whales (Fall 2006)

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