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Written in Stone
Written In Stone: Pre-Islamic Period Inscriptions
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Musnad al Janubi
(South Arabic) (5)

Five lines written from right to left, top to bottom.

B n ya ha m w / b n w / l d ya m / a d ……
b n / m q b r t ha m w / m s k
m w / w b r d a / a m r a ha m a'in
w / b a'in l / h d th m / w a'in th t r / sh r …
Gh ya m / w l/ a l ha b / q sa w n

Bani Hamu / banu / l'deem/ ad ……
Bin/ maqbara (tomb) hamu/ misk ……
Mw/ wa barda'a/ amr ahama ……
W/la'al/ hadtham/ w Ashtar/ shar……
Ghaim/ wl/ Alhab/ qasoun

[Only partly deciphered, Untranslated]

fig28 color
fig28 b&w fig28 drawing
30cm x 30cm x 10cm
NMSA Object #831
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