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Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
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Become a Natural History Volunteer

Photo of Natural History Volunteers

Public Engagement

There are exciting volunteer opportunities available to you as a Public Engagement Volunteer. You can:

  • Help visitors explore any one of the Museum's many exhibitions.
  • Assist with school programs.
  • Deliver hands-on activities and programs.
  • Shape visitors' experience as a tour guide or at our information desks.

Please visit OPPORTUNITIES for more information about specific Public Engagement volunteer needs.

Behind the Scenes

Interested in supporting the Museum’s staff who work behind the scenes, such as scientists, researchers, collections managers, IT specialists, and more? Opportunities include:

  • Working hands-on with the Collections
  • Assisting in laboratory environments
  • Digitization and archives
  • Working in web development
  • Providing administrative support
  • Special projects as announced

Get more information about specific Behind-the-Scenes Volunteer opportunities.






Citizen Science

Would you like to contribute to scientific research? You can volunteer for a citizen science project no matter where you live! A citizen scientist is someone who is not necessarily trained as a scientist, but who participates in scientific projects. Citizen scientists may go in the field with trained scientists, or work independently to help with projects posted online. These volunteers help with efforts as diverse as transcribing field books from their homes, mapping wildlife, or measuring biodiversity.

See Opportunities Available Via the Museum