Arctic Studies Center

In 2008, the ASC entered the third decade and a new era in its life and work in the North. It was highlighted by the opening of the ‘Living Our Cultures’ exhibit in the specially built wing of the Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center with more than 600 Alaska Native objects from Smithsonian collections. Through Native voices, videos, and interactive media, the exhibit placed the masterpieces of the past into the context of peoples' lives today. The cherished heritage of First Alaskans is woven from the arts, knowledge, and beliefs of many indigenous cultures of the region. The scope of this exhibit continues today with our current initiatives prompted by the realities of the changing Arctic of the 21st century. The shrinking Arctic ice, endangered wildlife resources, increased urbanization of polar indigenous people, and world’s growing demand for Arctic riches create new dimensions for the ASC operations across the region. It requires innovative and cross-disciplinary approaches, broader partnerships, and larger role for local voices in setting the agenda for new research, outreach, education, and heritage programs.
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