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New in 2007

The latest news and research from the Arctic Studies Center.

International Polar Year

The fourth International Polar Year kicks off in March, 2007. Please check back for details about Smithsonian participation in IPY activities. Other information can be found now at:

2007-2008 International Polar Year


"A Friend Acting Strangely: The Arctic's Changing Climate"

This exhibit in the National History Museum's "Forces of Change Program" explores the history of climate change in the arctic and its current impacts on the land, sea ice, and contemporary peoples of the region. Organized with the NSF and NOAA, the exhibit documents massive changes now underway in arctic regions and some of the causes and future impacts.

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Alaska Native Collections: Sharing Knowledge

The indigenous heritage of Alaska and adjacent regions is woven from the arts, knowledge, values, and beliefs of many cultures. Explore Smithsonian collections with Native tradition bearers and learn about the peoples of this northern world.

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